Caring for our building is a sacred trust!

Our building is a rich resource and we trust that God will continue to open the door to ways we can use our building to the glory of God and in partnership with our community. Thanks to Chuck Drews (Trustee) and Bob Barnes (Property Chair) for their hard work and leadership in making this happen! OUR NEW FRONT STEPS ARE COMPLETE! JOB WELL DONE!





“Giving More Than You Take”

This 15 foot, stainless steel sculpture created by Dave Regier, is a representation of early Olathe.                                                                                                                                    It has been placed in the plaza outside the new Johnson County Courthouse.

 We are grateful that Dave is part of our Family of faith! Dave also represents “Giving more than you take.”                                                                                                               He continuously is found giving more than he takes  here at the church, or wherever he goes.

 WAY TO GO DAVE! We could all learn a little from this sculpture and from Dave.






Olathe Firefighters Back to School Drive

Olathe Professional Firefighters Outreach recently made a large donation of produce to our Food Pantry! Now they are providing a way all of us can show support for the kids of our community. I invite you to support this effort.

Celebration – July 9, 2020
Pastor Sherry’s 2nd Anniversary with the First Christian Church

On July 9th I will celebrate my 2nd anniversary as pastor of FCC Olathe. These past two years have been a joy and privilege. The past 3 months have presented us with challenges that we could have never imagined, but in true FCC Olathe spirit, many people have stepped up to do what needed to be done so that  ministry and worship could continue. In celebration of my anniversary Sunday, I began a tradition last year by using my anniversary Sunday to “repreach” the first sermon I preached from the FCC Olathe pulpit. As you join us for worship – either in person or online – here are the Scripture texts that will guide our worship in July.

July 12 – Philippians 1:1-3: Setting Grace Loose in the World

July 19 – Philippians 1:4-11: Seeking God

July 26 – Philippians 2:1-11: Following Jesus




Once again our community has reached out to partner in our Food Ministry. St Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church brought 3 carloads of food for our pantry. We are grateful for our long time friendship and partnership in ministry with St Thomas.




The Food Pantry received 40 – 25lb boxes of produce donated from the firefighters.  




Memorial Day – May 27, 2020

June 2019 – May 2020

FCC Members

Bill Hayes 9/08/19
Ruby Radcliffe 9/10/19
Bob Beers 9/11/19
Ethel Moody 9/30/19
Jean Dell 12/19/19
Lori Geersen 4/04/20


 Johnson County “Feed the Need” – May 21, 2020 

Thanks to the generosity of Jo Co employees through “Feed The Need,”  we received a check for $3000 on May 21. In addition to the money we also received a truckload of donated food. Thank You Johnson County and a big thanks as well to all the volunteers that helped with this event.





 Girl Scout Sunday – March 8, 2020

 We recognized and affirmed our Girl Scout Troop. We want to Thank them for leading us in worship and hosting a pasta bar lunch with salad and dessert. Yummy!  It gave us all the opportunity to get to know our Girl Scouts!




 Cold Weather Shelter (project 10-20) – March 6, 2020


Our church had the opportunity to serve at the cold weather shelter in Lenexa the night of March 6th. We had 12 people who volunteered  with warm hearts, to serve those in need of a warm space. We thank Cindy Heckman and the Membership Department for managing and organizing this event. Along with all the volunteers who provided their warm hearts, in serving the community through Christ.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Membership and Evangelism Department you can contact Cindy Heckman  @, 



 Boy Scout Sunday – February 9, 2020

On Boy Scout Sunday we recognized and affirmed our Scout Troop. The Scouts lead us in worship and provided and hosted a lunch of chili and cinnamon rolls after worship. We enjoyed having fellowship with these gentlemen, as we were able to spend some time getting to know them. What a GREAT group of BOYS! Thanks gentlemen, a big SALUTE to the TROOP!  





Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – December 24, 2019

 Thanks for joining us on Christmas Eve! We had over 100 people attend our candlelight service. As you can see it was beautiful to the eyes and the ears





 Baby Dedication

 November 24, 2019

 On November 24th Pastor Sherry dedicated Finnley Darr at FCC. Finnley’s parents, Kevin and Sarah Darr, and big brother Fisher, would like to thank you for joining them for the dedication. A very exciting and memorable event for the Darr Family. He is adorable!





November 24, 2019

 On November 24th Pastor Sherry performed her first Baptism at FCC. Tommy Fields and Kimberlee Towner both decided they would like to publicly commit themselves to Jesus, through Baptism. They have both formerly been Baptized as babies, but as adults were ready to commit themselves to Jesus. Given this was Pastor Sherry’s first Baptism in our church it was a very special and exciting time for all three of them. Thank you to all who helped us celebrate this glorious event!






Congregational Potluck

 November 24, 2019

Our Thanksgiving Potluck was after worship on Sunday, November 24th. The Membership Department supplied turkey, ham, rolls and drinks. The congregation brought a side dish to share, and if inclined a dessert or salad as well. We all enjoyed a great meal, and fellowship, during this time of Thanksgiving!




 Salute to Veterans

 November 10, 2019

 The Worship Department had a salute to our Veterans during Fellowship on Sunday November 10th. They had a table setup for pictures, and medals. They also had a cake made in their honor which they served during Fellowship. Thank you to all our Veterans for their service. Thank you to the Worship Department for planning this event to honor our Veterans.      




 Welcome Dinner – October 26, 2019

 On Saturday October 26th our Membership Department held our annual New Member Welcome Dinner. They served about 30 people a spaghetti dinner including a salad and a dessert. It was an enjoyable evening of food and fellowship and we are very happy to have our new members, as part of our Church family.



Food & Fellowship



 Work Day at the Church – Saturday October 26, 2019 

Thank you to all who came to the “Work Day” we were able to get many things accomplished and the Sanctuary is looking clean and beautiful and ready for the holidays. 








 Old Settlers Chicken Noodle Dinner & Breakfast Burritos

 September 7, 2019

Our annual Old Settlers Chicken noodle dinner & Breakfast burrito sale, was a complete success!  We sold almost 400 burritos and over 200 chicken noodle dinners. Thank you to everyone that helped donate items. Also a big thanks to everyone that donated their time for preparation, sales and clean-up.  It is truly amazing how much can be accomplished when we put our efforts together for a good cause. 




FCC Fall Block Party

 Party September 28, 2019 

 A big thanks to Sammye and Isabel Phelps for making our FCC Fall block party a wonderful event, showing the gift of hospitality to our neighbors and community. Even in spite of rain starting midway through the event, it was a huge success and we all had a wonderful time. A big thank you to everyone that helped in all areas of this spectacular event, we could not have achieved such a successful event without all of you.



Be sure to visit our calendar for more current events!