Food Pantry Hours of Operation:

Our normal schedule for the FCC Food Pantry is Thursdays: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.


We accept donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries, or money to buy items for the food pantry. 


Our food pantry is kept going by wonderful volunteers. If you would like to volunteer contact the church office @ 913-764-3555. If you have any other questions regarding the food pantry please contact our office @  


Our volunteers are always hard at work, handing out bags filled with food.



In repsonse to  COVID-19 

The FCC Food Pantry has modified our procedures and hours, to better serve the needs of the community. By following the CDC guidelines and recommendations for social distancing during this time,  we have changed our process to a curbside pickup for the pantry, Thursdays ONLY from the hours of 9:00 am to 12:00 pm CST. We are asking our food pantry clients to enter the church parking lot from Water Street, on the back side of the church. Drive up to the glass doors one at a time, and remain in your car. The food pantry volunteers will come take your name and bring the pre packed groceries out to your car. They will place them in the trunk for you, please have your trunk open. If you want them in the backseat please have the doors unlocked. Once you have received your groceries please exit the parking lot on to Chestnut Street.


Below are links to our Food Pantry Bi-monthly Newsletter. In it you can find the latest news for the Food Pantry along with the “SPECIAL ITEMS” that they plan to give out for each week. We encourage you to to take a look at this Newsletter for all the useful information available to you.

Food Pantry Newsletter Links

Food Pantry Newsletter January-February 2021

Food Pantry Newsletter March-April 2021


FCC implementing Covid-19 safety procedures.                .




FCC partners with Harvesters Community Food Network, with the money received from donations, to keep the shelves stocked in our Food Pantry. This allows us to provide a generous amount of food, for a  more economical price. We would like to say Thank you to Harvesters, for there much needed network!


FCC partners with Harvester’s to provide food for local families. The majority of food that we provide comes from the Harvester’s Network.



Donations from St Johns Episcopal Church for the FCC Food Pantry. THANK YO




We receive monetary and food donations from Johnson County. That is a truckload!



In addition to Harvesters, we have been blessed with donations from many other individual’s and group’s.



St. Thomas has been a blessings for keeping the pantry stocked up. The occasionally do food drives for us. Thank you St. Thomas!





The Olathe Firefighters Food Drive for FCC pantry provided fresh produce. We are grateful for all the community support. Thank you Firefighter![/caption]