First Christian Church Olathe

(Disciples of Christ)


Our Stained Glass Windows 

These stained glass windows were installed when this portion of our building was rebuilt in 1926. They were made by Jacoby Art Glass Co. The original cost of the windows was $1650. It was an amazing commitment to include something so remarkable in a building. Stain glass has served 2 purposes in the history of the church. One is to feed the soul – they are beautiful and that beauty speaks to us. Second – in the middle ages, many people could not read, even if they could read they certainly did not own their own Bible. The windows were used to teach. Each window has its own theme for Christ and a message for the worshiper. The first symbol mentioned in each window is the theme symbol and all the others are related to it and support it. Each symbol used can be found in scripture and are illustrations of Bible verses. The mullions form a triple cross entwined to form the main cross. Below in the Universal Christ Window, the stained glass around the main cross is the Celtic cross. The circles in the angles of the cross represent the four gospels.  Written in the window is the text, “Buried therefore with Him through baptism into death…so we also might walk in newness of life.” This scripture speaks not only of baptism as a symbolic burial of our sins but also of the cleansing power of the new life we receive through Jesus Christ.

The Revealed Christ

The Suffering Christ

The Christmas

The Teaching Christ

The Joyous Christ

The Ministering Christ

The Prophetic

Universal Christ